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JamesI have been building websites from the UK since 1997, for clients from Florida attraction, ‘Revolution’, to the world-famous Indian Fashion Designer, Kiran Uttam Ghosh.

As eCommerce Manager for an online store with 17,000 products, I learned even more about what it takes to build a website that works, and converts traffic into happy visitors, which equals successful outcomes alround.

“At one point we had a list of 45 different insights which affected conversion rate.”

When shifts in conversion rate from 1.2% to 1.4% are huge news, and every month is spent shaving off improvable ‘milimetres’ to get to 2.0% or whatever, one learns a lot about what users like, and what makes websites really work.

In 2012, I visited the offices of two of the top three SEO companies in the country, so I have insight of that, too.

And I also specialise in content management and multi-user sites, such as the School of Being website we are currently building for the teachers who have graduated from the Jan Day training, whereby each individual can contribute directly – and easily – to the content of the website, without needing to know anything about web design.

Please get in touch with me for a free consultation – 07758 351 527.

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James Blacker

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