Case Study: Spirit of the Old Town

This monthly Google Analytics report – shared with kind permission of our client – shows the different types of device people typically use to view a website.

If you don’t yet have Google Analytics, it’s free – get it here!

  • Mobile: 46%
  • Desktop: 41%
  • Tablet: 13%


As you can see, Mobile is the most used, and when combined with Tablet, we see that a huge 59% of visitors are using portable devices.

So if you think your website it just what you see on a PC or laptop, that now needs to be reviewed.

Acquisition: Traffic Sources

These statistics are useful for assessing your business.  The Acquisition stats show the various ways you are achieving visitors to your website.

This is particularly useful to see where you might focus your attention, and if you try different marketing strategies as a result, you can return to see if your efforts had any effect.

As you can see for Spirit of the Old Town, the sources of traffic were;

  • Search Engines: 113
  • Social Media: 92
  • Direct: 52
  • Referrals: 7

Direct means people typing your web address into the address bar.  Referral means people who clicked on a link from another website to your website.


So for Spirit of the Old Town Social Media is working well.  However, we can break that down to see exactly how…

Social Media Statistics

As you can see, the 92 visitors acquired through Social Media marketing breaks down into one very successful and two not so successful types of social media;

  • Facebook: 90
  • Instagram: 1
  • Twitter: 1

So this information is useful to either decide to change the way Instagram and Twitter marketing is being done, or simply to not focus on them much as they are not proving worth pursuing.  And, of course, it probably encourages the pursuit of even more Facebook activity.

This shows how stats are a great way to get the most out of your time – and money.


Conversion Rate of the Website

  • Conversion Rate: 5.7%
  • 15 Sales
  • 264 Visitors

The most important statistic of any website is its Success Rate; the number of times (per month, say) people took the primary aim of the site as defined by the site’s owner, be it an enquiry form submission, an e-newsletter subscription or sign-up, or in the case of Spirit of the Old Town, ticket sales.

We also look at this divided by the number of people who visit the website each month, to get the Conversion Rate of the website – a measure of how well the website turns visitors into customers.

If your website doesn’t maximize it’s effectiveness at turning visitors into customers then you are losing business and money!

By working with the client who measured ticket sales manually – 15 over the period – and dividing by the figure we have above for the number of monthly visitors to the site (264), we are able to know that the Conversion Rate this month for Spirit of the Old Town is 5.7%.

With an average of 3-4 tickets being purchased with each sale, this resulted in a sell-out of their November Walk and both of their October Walks – resulting in one very happy customer!

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