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Edit your website with ease.

Edit your website with ease.

If you have a website or want a website, the chances are you’re going to want to update it, occasionally at least, or more likely frequently.

Whilst the websites I build are built in WordPress, which is itself easy to use anyway, I pride myself on making that experience even easier.

I use my experience, empathy and flair for honing bespoke solutions to develop websites such that their owner’s relationship with them is enjoyable and easy to content manage.

This is the editing page for this very web page.

This is the editing page for this very web page.

In WordPress, this typically happens in the ‘back end’; the login area which visitors to the website don’t see or have access to.

You simply edit your text… ¬†and click Update!

And if you want a website which lots of your staff or others can add content to – or if it may serve your project to realise the benefits of such an approach, and how easy it is – I also specialise in Multi-user websites, such as the one I am currently developing for Jan Day and her students to upload their own articles and events details to.

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